All in one

Because of the all-round nature of our company, you only need to discuss your plans with one party. We take care of everything else.
We do most of the work ourselves, but we outsource – under our responsibility – parts of the work that are beyond our competence and capabilities.
Klusbedrijf Plantinga takes care of everything, and you will receive just one invoice.



A deal is a deal

If you want to, for example, have a renovation done, you don’t want to be in a messy environment for too long.
Klusbedrijf Plantinga makes solid agreements with you.
These are clearly defined in an order form, so you know exactly where you stand: when the job starts, how long it will take, what materials are used and possibly how much it will cost.




We guarantee the proper performance of your order.


Klusbedrijf Plantinga will do everything to make your housing needs as affordable as possible.